Today’s Headlines

  • House Moves Forward with Bill to Slash High-Speed Rail, Community Development (The Hill, AP)
  • Billions Need to Improve Metro North Derailment Area (Stamford Advocate)
  • L.A. Times: It’s High Time to Ditch the Honor System for Metro Payments
  • Coalition for Smarter Growth Shares Tales of the Walkable Lifestyle in D.C. (GGW)
  • Labor Groups Demand Local Jobs from Chicago Transit Projects (Next City)
  • Brazil Rolls Back Transit Fare Hikes After Widespread Protests (AlJazeera)
  • Maryland vs. Virginia: The Gas Price Discrepancy (WaPo)
  • Pro-Transit, Anti-Highway Sentiment Gets a Voice in Detroit (Next City)
  • The Mathematical Reason Bikes Can Be “Much, Much Safer” Than Cars (Mr. Money Mustache)