More March Madness: REI Pits Cycling Cities Against Each Other

Image: REI

We hope you’re enjoying our Parking Madness Sweet 16-style tournament to determine the most soul-killing parking crater in a U.S. downtown. Here’s another one you might like: REI is holding a tournament to determine the best cycling city. Today, Denver and Washington, DC square off in the Suit & Tie Dye region. Tomorrow, it’s New York vs. Minneapolis: Concrete Jungle Region.

We’ve got a couple dogs in this fight (though LA and Chicago are grumpy about being excluded and have vowed to start their own tournament) so we’ll be eagerly following the Cycling Town Showdown results. We thought you also might enjoy a little more sustainable-transportation madness before March is over!

4 thoughts on More March Madness: REI Pits Cycling Cities Against Each Other

  1. Yo! Where’s Philly?!?! With the largest bicycle mode share of ANY large city, it should be in there. Austin, as nice as it is, is not in the same class.

  2. Haha – of course Seattle won the first round. That’s where REI started. Home court bias! I’ve ridden in both towns and SF wins by a long shot.

  3. You must have not ridden much in either city. SF has horrible roads, less biking infrastructure, less cyclists in general, and much much worse drivers.

    The only thing we have going for us is weather, but people in Seattle don’t care about getting wet.

    ((Coming from a SF resident/Former Seattle resident))

  4. I’ve ridden a lot in SF and a fair amount in Seattle. Burke-Gilman trail was THE thing that kept Seattle on the nationwide bike map for so long. More cyclists, facilities, and innovation in SF. SF wins!

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