Today’s Headlines

  • USA Today Looks at the Big Picture as States Consider Their Gas Taxes
  • Jerry Brown Touts Bullet Train in Speech (Cyclelicious), Citing “Little Engine That Could” (LAT)
  • National Review: Idea to Ditch Federal Surface-Transpo Program “Crazy in a Good Way”
  • Long-Awaited Miami Transit Village Breaks Ground (Miami Herald)
  • Bob McDonnell Pitches Transpo Plan to Virginians, Including End to Gas Tax (AP, Pilot)
  • Indiana Senate Leader Warming to Transit Expansion (Indy Star)
  • Giving Counties the Gas Tax Decision Might Be Answer for Maryland (Baltimore Sun)
  • New Company Takes Over NextBus (Cyclelicious)
  • Tax Benefits for Commuters, Explained (WSJ MarketWatch)
  • What Should Smart Growth Look Like in Alpine Environments Like Lake Tahoe? (Outside)

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