Today’s Headlines

  • Are More Cyclists Dying Because There Are More Cyclists? (LAT)
  • Transit Ridership Keeps On Rising — So Don’t Do Anything Stupid, Congress (APTA)
  • Six Reasons Why We Need a Carbon Tax (The Hill)
  • Surprise! Grover Norquist Is Against Raising the Gas Tax (WaPo)
  • Millenials’ Urban Leanings Jump-Start Rental Apartment Boom (Mobilizing the Region)
  • In Which We All Turn Green With Envy Over Portland’s 10.3% Bike-to-School Rate (BikePortland)
  • Philly Feels Left Out of the Bike-Share Trend, Wants Its Own System (CBS)
  • Tax Transit-Oriented Development in Connecticut to Pay For Road Projects? (Hartford Courant)
  • Let’s Price Parking Like Gasoline (Or Better Yet, With Market Pricing) And Move On (GGW)
  • “Trying to Market a City Without Transit Is Like Trying to Sell a Cell Phone Without a Camera” (NJ)
  • China’s Pedestrian Roundabout Shows What Non-Auto-Oriented Infrastructure Can Be (Inthralld)

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