Today’s Headlines

  • The Text of the Conference Report (Rules Committee)
  • Democrats and Republicans Both Claim Victory With Transportation Bill (The Hill)
  • DeFazio to Vote Yea: “It’s a Good, Solid Bill that Doesn’t Do Violence to Things We Care About” (The Hill)
  • Coal Ash Language Out, Environmental Review Language In (Politico, AP, BusinessWeek)
  • Baucus: Bill Is Fully Paid For (Finance Committee)
  • House Rejects VMT Fee Exploration (The Hill)
  • It’s Not Just the Exurbs: Suburbs Declining, Cities on the Rise (USA Today)
  • Gas Prices Fall to 5-Month Low (and People Aren’t Driving More) (AP)
  • … But Grover Norquist’s Group Says It’s Still Not Time to Index Gas Tax to Inflation (ATR)
  • 58% Support Higher Gas Tax, But Only If It Funds Roads, Not Other Transpo (AutoBlog)
  • We Felt Bad About Making Fun of Toronto Mayor Rob Ford Until He Attacked Transit Again (CBC)
  • The Best Buildings in Buffalo Are Illegal Now (Buffalo Rising)
  • Cities Around the World Test Use of Off-Peak Driving Incentives (Road Pricing)
  • Google Diverges From Apple, Adds Public Transit Data to Maps API (VentureBeat)

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