Today’s Headlines

  • NRDC’s Deron Lovaas Sees Congress’s Reputation at Stake Over Transpo Bill
  • Award-Winning Journalist Puts Safe Routes to School on National Stage (LAB)
  • Gas Tax Must Rise to Keep Pace With Fuel Efficiency Standards for U.S. Cars (Daily Tech)
  • Millions in Gas Tax Revenue Sent to Wrong Jurisdictions in Virginia (Examiner)
  • Lack of Transit Is Bad for Kids, Especially When Tutors Go Car-Free (Southeast Mich. Startup)
  • How the Transpo Bill Affects the Nation’s Farmers (Farm Bureau Newsline)
  • Historic Market in Rochester NY to Receive New Trail Access (WHEC)
  • Transit Expert Jarrett Walker Nails the Paradox of Suburban Bus Service
  • Charlotte, NC: From Sprawling Behemoth to Walkable Paradise (Atlantic Cities)