Today’s Headlines

  • Wheels Begin Turning on Transportation Bill (Hill)
  • If We Do Pass a Transpo Bill, Does That Mean the System Works? (National Journal)
  • Boehner Sees 1-in-3 Odds GOP Loses Control of House in 2012 (WaPo)
  • Development Policies That Encourage Road-Building Don’t Solve Anything (GGW)
  • Study Shows Public Supports Transpo Spending, But Is Silent About Revenue (WaPo)
  • Survey: Dems Like Cities More Than Repubs, But Everyone Loves Seattle (Atlantic Cities)
  • NRDC’s Kaid Benfield Sees a New Kind of Environmentalism for Human Habitats
  • My Other Car Is a Bike, And That Bike Is Also a Porsche (Inside Line)