A Comic Take on The Sustainability of The Word “Sustainable”

From brainy web comic XKCD:

Image: ##http://xkcd.com/1007/##XKCD

Personal note: Between the time I matriculated at graduate school and the time I finished, the word “sustainable” had been added to my official concentration.


A Lesson in Heading Off Anti-Reform Rhetoric

To opponents of sustainable transportation, incremental reforms designed to level the playing field between cars and other modes of transportation can too easily be seen — or characterized — as a plot to take away their vehicles and homes in the suburbs. For a particularly apt example, look no further than Fred Barnes’ recent article […]

Lots of Work to Be Done in the New Year

As Inauguration Day gets closer, talk on the Streetsblog Network is turning back to the stimulus bill being pushed by the new administration. On Saturday, President-elect Obama once again talked to the nation about how he wants to pump federal dollars into infrastructure spending. And once again, while he singled out roads and bridges as […]

Greater Cleveland in Denial About Its Downfall: Sprawl

Perhaps you’ve heard about Cleveland’s terrible vacancy problem, generally attributed to the decline of the manufacturing industry. But it’s not so simple. The greater Cleveland area shed just 2.5 percent of its population during the most recent census period. Meanwhile, the city of Cleveland proper lost a staggering 17 percent of its population over the […]

Portland Elects Cyclist Mayor; Obama Draws 8,000 on Bikes

 On Tuesday, voters in Portland, Oregon elected Sam Adams as their next mayor. A former Congressional staffer and current Portland city commissioner, Adams — who is a cyclist — ran on a platform that emphasized environmental and progressive growth initiatives, including, in the words of the Oregonian, "use [of] the Portland Streetcar and better planning […]

Today’s Headlines

Ahmedabad, India, wins the Sustainable Transport Award from the Institute for Transportation and Development Policy (Express) Freight rail industry has a mixed reaction to LaHood’s revamp of transit funding rules (Fleet Owner) Why are politicians always so scared of the word "tax"? A scientific explanation (MoJo Blog) Amtrak to add free wi-fi on the Acela […]