Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Cites Transit Projects, Not Just Roads and Bridges, As Job-Creators (Chronicle)
  • Obama Says Even God Wants Congress to Pass His Jobs Plan (AP)
  • Mica Insists “Current Spending Levels” Doesn’t Mean You Have to Account For Inflation (JOC)
  • Senate Appropriations Bill Includes Money For New York – New Jersey Amtrak Tunnel (NJ Today)
  • Before You Say California High-Speed Rail Is Too Expensive, Consider the Alternative (BizJournal)
  • Atlantic Cities Publishes a Hit List of Urban Highways (Taken From ULI)
  • If the Cold War Had Been All About Metro Systems, Communism Would Have Won (Atlantic Cities)
  • Interview With An Expert on Tax Increment Financing (Cap Times)
  • At $40K a Pop, Electric Cars Don’t Have the Affordability Appeal of Transit (Treehugger)
  • Even Without Comparing the U.S. to Europe, It’s Clear We Need an Infrastructure Upgrade (WaPo)
  • Design Tips For Leaving the McMansion Era Behind (Hint: the Steam Shower Is Your Friend) (WSJ)
  • Anonymous

    “Obama Says Even God Wants Congress to Pass His Jobs Plan (AP)”
    Even the link is wrong or the joke is over my head. Both explanations are possible.

  • Anonymous


  • Tanya

    You’re right — looks like AP changed that link. Try the new one: