Today’s Headlines

  • House Appropriators Prepare to Vote on Smaller Transpo Allocation Than Obama Wanted (The Hill)
  • Back-to-Congress Primer on the Transportation Bill Debate (Reuters)
  • To Lower the Deficit, Cantor Targets Bike-Share But Should Raise the Gas Tax (GGW)
  • How An Infrastructure Bank Could Help Create Jobs (CNNMoney)
  • 9/11 Changed Transportation Forever (And Made It More Expensive) (Baltimore Sun)
  • The Genius Behind Michele Bachmann’s Promise of $2 Gas (Atlantic)
  • Pay-As-You-Drive Car Insurance Debuts in California (Stateline)
  • Support Grows in Maryland for a Higher Gas Tax — Spend It On MARC Service Improvements (GGW)
  • Houston-Dallas, Minneapolis-Duluth HSR Comes Into Focus (Cmty Impact, Northlands News)
  • University of Tennessee Pioneers E-Bike Share (Local 8 News)
  • Why Don’t We Cheer Taxis As Much As Car-Sharing? (Yglesias)
  • A Conservative Argument For Smart Growth Legislation (Public CEO)
  • Fuel Efficient Cars Won’t Help If Sprawl and Urbanization Trends Continue (Yale Daily News)

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