Today’s Headlines

  • ULI Report: Disintegrating Infrastructure Will Build Public Support for a Gas Tax Hike (WaPo)
  • LaHood: We’ll Pass a Transpo Bill This Year Because It Will Create Jobs (Businessweek)
  • That Abandoned House Bringing Down Your Neighborhood Might Be Owned by HUD (WaPo)
  • NE, UT Governors Face Pressure to Earmark Sales Tax Dollars for Highways (World Herald, SLTribune)
  • High-Speed Rail in California: Just Executive-Branch Pork? (ABC News 10)
  • Hating on Amtrak Seems to Be Becoming a National Pasttime (LAT)
  • Despite Stunning Success, Bixi is Nearly Bankrupt (Montreal Gazette)
  • New Jersey Should Fix Roads and Bridges First, Not Expand Them (Daily Record)
  • Bike League Partners with AAA to Educate Motorists and Cyclists to Avoid Crashes
  • Minneapolis Considers Vanity Plates, Mini-Bonds to Close Funding Shortfall (Star Tribune)

1 thought on Today’s Headlines

  1. How does a bike-share operation take on start-up debt that is twenty-five times net revenues(best year), and then go belly-up?  Is this what’s planned for NYC?

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