Today’s Headlines

  • GOP Aims to Push White House Rail Goals Off the Tracks (Politico)
  • Chicago Pols Meet with Rep. Mica to Talk Transportation (Trib)
  • DOT Balks at Disney High-Speed Rail Plan (Miami Herald)
  • Groups Push Back on GOP Efforts to Gut Air Pollution Laws (The Hill)
  • Frustration Simmers Among Florida Rail Bidders (Transpo Nation)
  • Double-Whammy: Soot and Methane Bad for Climate and Health (Economist)
  • Rethinking What It Means to Own a Home (Miller-McCune)
  • Health, Environment Threatened By GOP Budget (NRDC)
  • Do Station-Free Bike-Sharing Schemes Have a Future? (WaPo)
  • BART Gets a New Stop (Transport Politic)

We’ll be off the rest of the day for President’s Day. See you tomorrow!