Today’s Headlines

  • Congress and the White House are Fixing for a Fight on High-Speed Rail Funding (WSJ)
  • LaHood Talks Rail With MD Governor, Says HSR Will Be Developed Piecemeal (Baltimore Sun)
  • Obama Doesn’t Need to Lobby Congress on Rail Investment, The States Will Do It For Him (HuffPo)
  • Conservatives Launch Effort to Defund What Remains of Stimulus Money (The Hill)
  • Do You Agree With U.S News & World Report‘s List of Top Ten U.S. Cities for Public Transportation?
  • Safety in Numbers: As Bicycle Ridership Goes Up, Crashes Go Down (Bike League)
  • Treasury Secretary Geithner Says High-Speed Rail Will Lead to Economic Growth (Treasury Dept.)
  • To GOP Senator, Rail Safety Requirements = Unnecessary Regulatory Burden (Journal of Commerce)
  • Floridians Hope Administration Rail Plans Bode Well for Miami-Orlando Line (Orlando Sentinel)
  • Heritage Foundation: Curb “Wasteful Spending” in Next Budget, Cut Transit, Bike Paths, MPO Funding

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