Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Official: 2010 Tied For Warmest Year on Record (Climate Central, The Hill)
  • Has Sprawl Worsened the Brisbane Flooding? (Grist)
  • Planning Trends Year in Review: Recession, Bicycle Boom, and More (Planetizen)
  • Post’s Anti-Rail Editorial Raises Eyebrows (GGW, CHSRB)
  • Seattle Mayor Wants the State on the Hook for Tunnel Cost Overruns (Seattle Times)
  • Conservative Gov. McDonnell Calls for Big Government Spending on Roads (WaPo)
  • State Takes Over Maine Freight Rail to Keep it Open (AP)
  • The Price of Our Obesity Epidemic: $270 Billion Per Year (NYPost)
  • The Transport Politic Is Skeptical That Federal Rail Funds Can Reach the Best Projects