Today’s Headlines

  • Sea Levels Could Rise Three Feet This Century (NYT)
  • Amtrak ARC Replacement Talks Grind to a Halt (Reuters)
  • Rand Paul Revives Gulf Oil Spill Blame Game (The Hill)
  • Deficit Proposal Puts Gas Tax Back in the Mix (CSP)
  • Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida Govs May All Refuse Federal Rail Money (NPR)
  • A Look at the Commuters of Tomorrow (Des Moines Register)
  • How to Make Transit Work in the Most Car-Centric of Cities (AIA)
  • Cabs: The Wild West of Transit Regulation (Desert Sun)
  • Should Seniors Ride Transit Free of Charge? (Tribune)
  • Study: Drowsy Driving Common and Deadly (News & Messenger)
  • Capital Bikeshare Q & A (SmartPlanet)

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