Today’s Headlines

  • Bike-Share Foe Maes Will Face Livability Advocate Hickenlooper in Governor’s Race (Denver Post)
  • More Election Night Results (CNN)
  • Feds on the Verge of Changing Standards That Obstruct Innovative Bikeway Projects (BikePortland)
  • Plane Crash Kills Longtime Oil-State Senator Ted Stevens (The Hill)
  • Did Global Warming Cause an Island of Ice to Break Off Petermann Glacier? (NYT)
  • Seattle Mulls Special Transportation Tax District (Seattle Times)
  • Maryland Gov O’Malley Defends Purple Line (Baltimore Sun)
  • Get Your Paranoid, Cynical View of the Livable Communities Act Right Here (American Thinker)
  • Detroit Free Press: Virulent Anti-Transit and Anti-Tax Attitudes Attract a Thin Slice of the Electorate
  • Will Florida Get High Speed Rail Right? (Huffington Post)

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