Today’s Headlines

  • A profile of Detroit’s nascent urban farming effort (Free Press)
  • Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson (D) to hold state "transportation summit" this month (AP)
  • Houston mayor says Obama administration is pushing her to get the local transit authority’s act together to ensure continued funding for local light rail (TX Watchdog)
  • How immigration reform could revive dying cities (New Geography)
  • Illinois lawmakers set up state high-speed rail commission (AP)
  • … while some Palo Alto residents raise NIMBY concerns about bullet trains (Merc News)
  • O’Toole’s latest: Forget high-speed rail, it’s all about … driver-less cars (WSJ)


Talking Headways: Mapping Out Local Transportation Advocacy and Reform

Mariia Zimmerman of MZ Strategies joins me to chat about her new report on local advocacy for transportation reform called Transportation Transformation. Mariia, former deputy director for the Office of Sustainable Communities at HUD as well as former chief of staff to Congressman Earl Blumenauer, spent a year probing the local transportation advocacy landscape to […]

A Bipartisan Policy Breakthrough That Could Save Local Economies

Beth Osborne was deputy assistant secretary for policy, and then acting assistant secretary, at the U.S. Department of Transportation from 2009 until March, when she joined Transportation for America. Members of Congress love to talk about local control. And with good reason: American voters tell pollsters over and over again that they trust the elected […]

Wider Highways Mean More Congested Local Streets

If there’s a highway expansion debate raging in your community right now, here’s a new item to add to the “con” column. Shane Phillips at Network blog Better Institutions raises the point that when wider highways induce more driving, that’s going to dump more traffic on local streets: The problem here is obvious: unless 100% […]

House GOP Threatens to Wipe Out Local Control Over Bike/Ped Funding

The House GOP couldn’t pass a transportation bill of their own, so now they want to undo one of the major bi-partisan achievements in the Senate transportation bill. As part of its counter-offer to the Senate in conference committee negotiations over the transportation bill, the House appears to be proposing the elimination of the Cardin-Cochran […]