Today’s Headlines

  • White House to change the way it counts jobs "created or saved" by last year’s $787 billion stimulus … though not necessarily in a more transparent fashion (ProPublica)
  • LaHood: "You see no criticism of ‘cash for clunkers’ in America" (Motor Trend)
  • States expressing skepticism about EPA’s plans to regulate greenhouse gas emissions in the absence of congressional action (WSJ)
  • Why China’s trains are performing so technologically well (TNR’s The Vine)
  • Obama administration and congressional officials greeted by protests and tough bailout questions at the Detroit auto show (Reuters,
  • The auto show also brings a $10m competition to build a 100-mpg car — does this mean GM’s claim to triple-digit fuel efficiency is officially debunked? (Det News)
  • Minneapolis area wracked by suburban-urban clash over transport funding (Star Trib)
  • On the lighter side, a roundup of coverage of this weekend’s "No Pants" transit-riding experiment (USAT, AP, SunBreak, WSJ Blog)