Today’s Headlines

  • Secret Service motorcade — without the vice president on board — strikes and kills a pedestrian (The Hill)
  • Truckers: "As soon as you say ‘green’, [they] shut down" (Reuters)
  • Pennsylvania Republican leaders urges LaHood to reject state leaders’ plan to toll I-80 (Post-Gazette)
  • For seeking a nuclear- and drilling-heavy climate change bill, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) gets censured in his home state (Post & Courier)
  • The recent forced closure of a bridge over Lake Champlain in upstate New York? It could be just the beginning of the problem (AP)
  • The Obama administration is taking action to help … the airline industry (AP)
  • A pitch to retool highways with adjacent rail lines and embedded electricity transmission (NYT)
  • Explaining the correlation between the relative pollution of cities and their ability to attract new residents (TNR’s Avenue)


What Will It Take to Make Las Vegas Walkable?

Saying the future of the city’s economy depends on it, Las Vegas tourism interests are pushing a $12 billion plan to improve transit and walkability, reports the Associated Press. A group of tourism industry leaders, hotel owners, transit officials, and taxi companies are backing a plan from the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada that includes major transit expansions and street overhauls, as […]