Today’s Headlines

  • Voters told pollsters that "jobs and the economy" were their No. 1 concerns this year, which is keeping discussion of a new infrastructure spending package very much alive in Washington (Bloomberg)
  • What’s the real lesson of this past Election Day? That ballot measures for transportation investment do well (Morning News)
  • Blumenauer introduces a bill that would expand Safe Routes to School to high schools (Bike Portland)
  • For fuel-efficient cars to command the U.S. market, auto executives say they need one thing to happen first: a gas tax hike (Reuters)
  • But speaking of the gas tax, hopes for a state-wide increase in New Jersey are looking D.O.A. thanks to the election of GOP gubernatorial candidate Chris Christie (Bloomberg)
  • Florida Gov. Charlie Crist (R), facing a conservative challenge in his 2010 U.S. Senate bid, calls for a special state legislative session to consider commuter rail funding — and with it, a greater shot at federal high-speed rail money (AP)



Why We Need the Walking Schoolbus During COVID-19

Student transportation is one of the largest budget expenses for the Boston Public Schools –  and the expense and logistics of busing students is likely to be even more daunting this year, with increased physical distancing requirements from the COVID-19 pandemic. Fortunately, many students who traditionally take buses live within walking distance to their assigned […]

Safe Routes to Schools Study Complete

Walking to school is a healthy way for many kids to get their daily dose of exercise. Unfortunately many parents are rightfully concerned about their children’s safety on the city’s streets because of aggressive driver and lack of good pedestrian safety infrastructure. Everyday in front of many city schools you see parents dropping kids off in […]