Today’s Headlines

  • No. 2-ranked Senate Democrat admits there’s no plan yet for extending federal transport law (JOC)
  • Atlanta’s MARTA transit network is freeing itself from tax-shelter traps triggered by the financial crisis — but it’s not free and clear yet (AP, AJC)
  • An editorial board that’s far from liberal says it again: the federal gas tax needs increasing (WaPo)
  • A cheeky profile of LaHood, the Obama Cabinet’s lone GOPer (Politico)
  • As the U.K.’s high-speed rail debate rages on, bus companies see potential (Guardian)
  • D.C. is poised to get a new state-of-the-art bicycling center, with a boost from the U.S. DOT (Reuters)


It’s Time to Stop Pretending That Roads Pay for Themselves

If nothing else, the current round of federal transportation legislating should end the myth that highways are a uniquely self-sufficient form of infrastructure paid for by “user fees,” a.k.a. gas taxes and tolls. With all the general tax revenue that goes toward roads in America, car infrastructure has benefited from hefty subsidies for many years. […]

One More Sign That the Stimulus Traded Infrastructure for Tax Cuts

The independent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released an economic analysis of the Obama administration’s stimulus law this week, and one chart in particular (see below right, or a larger version here) is getting a lot of attention from bloggers, including Ezra Klein and Ryan Avent.  (Image: CBO) The chart’s message, simply put: the elements of […]

What Happened to John Mica, Pro-Transit Republican?

House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee ranking member John Mica knew the value of good transit. “I became a mass transit fan because it’s so much more cost effective than building a highway,” he told PBS in 2009. “Also, it’s good for energy, it’s good for the environment – and that’s why I like it.” Flash […]