Today’s Headlines

  • Still grappling with last month’s crash, D.C. Metro finds track circuits failing across the train system (WaPo)
  • We have the technology to get creative with transportation revenue-raising — why not use it? (Globe)
  • In a new interview, Oberstar suggests phasing in a gas-tax hike after two consecutive quarters of economic growth (Living on Earth)
  • Sen. Murray wants DOT to decide whether Virgin America is breaking airline ownership rules (Dow Jones)
  • Mark

    I wonder if this has anything to do with all those Boeing jobs in her state, and the fact that Virgin ordered the Airbus 380 and not the Boeing Dreamliner 787.


Monday’s Headlines

Road design is the biggest factor in bike safety, according to a University of Minnesota study that Streetsblog covered last week. Here’s some coverage from the Post Bulletin. Cycle commuting is dropping — except in cities. (WIRED) The San Diego Union-Tribune is urging a “no” vote on Proposition 6 — repealing a recent gas tax hike […]

Friday’s Headlines

The $3.3-billion transit plan Houston unveiled this week, tentatively set for a vote in November 2019, is heavy on dedicated bus lanes, but rail could be put back into the mix. (Chronicle) The campaign to pass a 1-percent sales tax for transportation in Hillsborough County, Fla., has strong support from Tampa-area businesses. (Florida Politics) Atlanta’s […]