Today’s Headlines

  • Still grappling with last month’s crash, D.C. Metro finds track circuits failing across the train system (WaPo)
  • We have the technology to get creative with transportation revenue-raising — why not use it? (Globe)
  • In a new interview, Oberstar suggests phasing in a gas-tax hike after two consecutive quarters of economic growth (Living on Earth)
  • Sen. Murray wants DOT to decide whether Virgin America is breaking airline ownership rules (Dow Jones)
  • Mark

    I wonder if this has anything to do with all those Boeing jobs in her state, and the fact that Virgin ordered the Airbus 380 and not the Boeing Dreamliner 787.


Thursday’s Headlines

In 2018, cities finally got serious about parking reform, with San Francisco and Minneapolis joining Buffalo, N.Y., and Hartford, Conn., in striking down bans on car-free housing, according to Sightline. Please help Streetsblog lead the way by contributing to our annual December donation drive. More headlines: Data shows that reducing parking also reduces congestion — if […]

Wednesday’s Headlines

Digital Trends recently declared 2018 the Year of the E-Scooter. Let’s make 2019 the Year of Streetsblog — the website for all of your transportation news needs, whatever your mode of choice (as long as it’s not a car). Please contribute to our annual December donation drive. Detroit’s MoGo bike-share started a pilot program to provide hand-pedaled […]