Cartoon Tuesday: In Which We Blog About the Other Paris


Click through for this cartoon by Gary Varvel of The Indianapolis Star, referencing the now infamous tussle between John McCain and Paris Hilton. (And click here if you have no idea what we’re talking about.) While the ‘toon itself bears a ring of truth, the bigger irony may be that the presidential candidate who’s now promoting perhaps the most feasible and immediately effective energy plan is no longer in the hunt.

  • Clinton sat on her transit bill until she was out of the race. You can be certain there’s a reason for that.

  • Shemp

    Nice find guys.

    Clinton’s transit bill is just a bill the House (transportation chair Oberstar) drafted six weeks earlier as news spread around the country about systems cutting service in response to fuel prices just as new riders were showing up. It’s great that she’s sponsoring it in the Senate. It’s not something someone had in hand last spring and kept a lid on.

  • Max Rockatansky

    Obama needs to grow a pair and call out McCain on the drilling issue. Our own govt studies say it won’t make a difference – McCain is lying just like Bush lied. The alternatives are there, they are workable and ready to go. Keep the message simple and strong, don’t get buried in the details.

  • While I agree with the point about drilling, which alternatives are we talking about that are “workable and ready to go”?

  • Max Rockatansky

    Wind and solar are both proven technologies, they just need to be implemented. Wind could account for 20% of our energy needs. Solar, not so much, but it’s ridiculous not to take advantage of the resource. These are not 1:1 replacements for oil, but they would give us enough leverage to adjust our national priorities. McCain is basically saying close your eyes and wish away the problems, Obama needs to set himself up as a solution. We have alternatives, we need a national mandate to make them happen.

    Check out a guy named Amory Lovins who is an advocate for the efficient use of energy – The New Yorker did a great profile on him last year.


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