T.A. Rides with the Mayors of Sydney & Copenhagen

T.A. Rides with the Mayors of Sydney & Copenhagen

A StreetFilm by Clarence Eckerson Jr.

Running Time: 3 minutes 3 seconds

On the closing day of New York City’s historic C40 Climate Summit, Lord Mayor Clover Moore of Sydney, Australia and Copenhagen’s Mayor of the Technical & Environmental Administration Klaus Bondam took a lunch break to ride bikes with Transportation Alternatives in a symbolic loop around Central Park. As usual StreetFilms brings you the best coverage.

  • To view the City of Sydney’s cycle strategy and details of the plan to build 55km of seperated cycle lanes in Sydney, visit: http://www.sydneymedia.com.au/html/3231-new-bicycle-lanes-to-improve-safety.asp

    Josh MacKenzie
    City of Sydney

  • Charlie D.

    The Sydney plan is quite interesting. It’s a bit of a contrast to the approach most American cities have taken. There is a strong emphasis on separated bicycle facilities, both on- and off-road, whereas the key element in most American cities is traditional “bicycle lanes” between parked cars and general travel lanes in the direction of traffic.


    I have never ridden in such facilities as the “Bi-directional separated bicycle road” (see page 47). I have not yet read all the details, but I wonder how the intersections work with such configurations. Do cyclists have their own light cycles that they must wait for? Is this type of configuration preferred by bicyclists over traditional bicycle lanes?


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