Today’s Headlines

  • Angus Grieve-Smith
  • The Wisconsin State Journal’s parallel between left and right wing “doomsday” extremism (peak oil vs. left behind) is interesting. And the way they use “gas-guzzling” and “gas-hog” as if they weren’t pejorative is amusing. Overall, the tone of the editorial for the free reign of automobiles is resignation to defeat, so I guess we should be cheering.

  • AD

    Whenever you see someone attacking the messenger rather than the message, you know that the attacker has no leg to stand on, as is the case with the Wisconsin State Journal. The paper clearly has no argument with the ideas put forth (like taxing gas guzzlers), or they wouldn’t resort to ad hominem attacks on the people behind the ideas. They’re just “loony”!

  • AD

    Angus, great find. Yeah, too late for Christmas … 1956.

  • David Chesler

    Old truism that whenever you want to raise money, you float a bond issue for the construction of the Second Avenue Subway.