Today’s Headlines

  • DOT Hands Out $65M More for Smart Tech (Tech Crunch)
  • NJ Transit Is a Leader… in Crashes and Safety Violations (AP)
  • Foxx: We Could Be the Last Car-Owning Generation (Popular Science)
  • San Diego vs. LA: Two Drastically Different Transportation Tax Measures (KPBS)
  • Why Isn’t LA’s Bike-Share as Popular as Bike-Share in Other Cities? (LA Times)
  • Philly Hires First Complete Streets Director (Inquirer)
  • For Safer Biking, We Need More Than Technology (Boston Globe)
  • Ridership Isn’t Meeting Expectations for Portland’s Orange Line (Oregonian)
  • The Rail Trail That’s Transforming Charlotte (GGW)


Today’s Headlines

What Could the Country Get From a Higher Gas Tax? Look to Pennsylvania for Clues (Inquisitr, Inquirer) So Much For “User Pays” (Vox) The Gas Tax Isn’t a Sustainable Solution: Switch to a VMT Fee (Center for American Progress) Tracy Morgan Going Home From Hospital, Suing Wal-Mart Over Tired Trucker (Salon) Seniors Less Likely to Take Transit […]

Bike-Share and Bike Lanes: The Chicken and Egg Debate

Which should come first, good bike infrastructure or bike-share? This is a matter of some debate, and we don’t pretend to have a definitive answer. But we do have some instructive research. While it’s obviously ideal to have bike infrastructure prior to embarking on a bike-share program, many communities, like Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Dayton, Ohio, […]

Arlington Republicans Come Out Against Bike-Share Expansion

It seems like everyone’s talking about the success of Washington’s Capital Bikeshare, currently the largest bike-share network in the country. Earlier this month, CaBi sold more than 8,000 memberships through a LivingSocial promotion, and the system has already met its goal of 10,000 members for 2011, prompting some to worry that there may actually be […]

Paris Vélib’ Launches Bike-Share for Kids

While in the U.S., bike-share systems are issuing threatening letters to parents who invent ways to tote their kids along, Paris is pioneering bike-share for the under-10 set. As far as we know, P’tit Vélib’ is the first of its kind in the world. In June, Vélib’ made 300 kids’ bikes available in five locations near parks […]