Today’s Headlines

  • DC-Area Leaders Hate the Idea of Prolonged Metro Shutdowns – But They Accept It (WaPo)
  • GGW On How Such Shutdowns Could Work With Substitute Transit Routes
  • Why Has the U.S. Let Its Transit Slip This Far? (The Conversation)
  • How Massachusetts’ Unlikely Transit Boss Is Making It Work (Gov Tech)
  • North Carolina’s Anti-LGBT Law May Compel Feds to Withhold Transpo Funding (WSOC)
  • Christie Vows No Fare Hike for NJ Transit Commuters (AP)
  • Cost of Building Maryland’s Purple Line May Exceed Initial Estimate (Washington Biz Journal)
  • Judge Greenlights Uber Surge-Pricing Lawsuit (Bloomberg)
  • Portland-Area Employers Speak Out on Southwest Corridor Transit Decisions (Oregon Metro)


Too Many Transfers, Too Much Parking, Not Enough Multi-Modalism

Around the Streetsblog Network today: When Transit Agencies Don’t Coordinate Well: Traveling between transit service areas in the same region can be a pain. You may have to pay an additional fare or transfer several times. It all depends on how well adjacent transit agencies cooperate and coordinate. According to an analysis by Jason McHuff […]

Don’t Be Mistaken: Vancouver Gets a Lot for Its Transit Dollar

Vancouverites go to the polls in May to decide whether to raise sales taxes to fund a slate of transit improvements. But polls show the measure is headed for defeat. Other arguments aside, Jarrett Walker at Human Transit says one supposed “con” — that transit provider TransLink is incompetent and wasteful — ought to be nipped in the […]

Commuting Tips for the Incrementalist: Small Changes, Big Savings

Rob Perks couldn’t understand why his friend, Megan, drove to work every day instead of taking public transportation. She said driving was cheaper and more convenient, but Perks had almost an identical commute and he was pretty confident he was saving a lot by taking transit. A quick back-of-the-envelope calculation of all Megan’s driving costs […]

Transit Outsourcing Booms — But Are There Safety Trade-offs?

New Orleans streetcars, such as the one pictured above, are about to be outsourced to a private French company. (Photo: NYT) The Wall Street Journal reports today on the growing number of cities around the country that are in talks to outsource local transit systems to cope with the budgetary pressures of the recession. New […]