Today’s Headlines

  • Shorter U.S. Life Expectancy Mostly Explained by Drugs, Guns, and Cars (Reuters)
  • Computers Will Count as Drivers Under Federal Regulations for Self-Driving Cars (Boston Globe)
  • Grand Rapids BRT Project Would Get $57 Million Under Obama’s “DOA” Budget (Mass Transit)
  • …Purple Line in D.C. Would Be in Line for Funding As Well (WaPo)
  • Obama’s Budget Calls for Expanded Urban Development Programs (Smart Growth America)
  • Plus, More Detail About Which Transit Projects Are Recommended for Funding (FTA)
  • Hawaii Lawmaker Proposes Ban on Cell Phone Use By Pedestrians in the Crosswalk (KHON2)
  • Work to Begin Widening I-75 in Detroit Suburbs; Local “Sprawl King” Calls It “Main Street” (Detroit News)
  • Massachusetts Rep Wants to Raise Fines for Jaywalking (State House News Service)
  • Atlanta’s War on Density (Atlanta Studies)


Today’s Headlines

16 Big Transit Projects That Would Be Toast Under Trump’s Budget (WaPo) Cuts Could Imperil Seattle Rail, Gateway Project, DC Metro (Seattle Times, Bloomberg, Washingtonian) How Cities Would Feel the Budget Pain (Curbed) Long-Distance Amtrak Routes Under Threat (Progressive Railroading) Trump Also Wants to Slash Transpo Funding in Rural Areas That Supported Him (Charlotte Observer) The Rail Line […]

Today’s Headlines

Obama’s Transportation Budget  as “Ambitious as It Is Unachievable” (Politico) Shuster: Transpo Budget Lacks Funding Source (The Hill) Smart Growth America Looks at How Budget Would Affect Urban Areas (Atlantic Cities) New Detroit Transit Authority Gets Busy (Free Press) Massachusetts Senate to Meet Saturday to Work on Transpo Funding ( Funding in Question for Pittsburgh-Philly-NYC Train […]

T4A Calls for Action Against Dreadful House Transpo Budget

Transportation for America is gearing up for a fight over transit, rail, and TIGER funding, and they’re asking supporters of smart transportation investments to make their voices heard. The new budget put forth by the House of Representatives would zero out funds for TIGER, strip $400 million from Amtrak and raid $500 million from a fund […]

Detroit's Sprawl King: Transit Expansion Plan Would Be a "Job Killer"

We’ve been following Detroit’s efforts to remake itself as a less car-dependent, more sustainable city, with great interest. There seems to be a growing understanding in the Motor City that bikeability, walkability and improved transit service are imperative to remake the economy and reverse the city’s infamous urban decay. So much so that private investors […]