Today’s Headlines

  • How Does Transit Affect a City’s Affordability? (City Lab, NRDC Switchboard)
  • Grand Rapids Waits for Economic Boon From New BRT (Grand Rapids Press)
  • Cleveland Has Seen $5.5B+ in Transit-Oriented Development in Two Years (Progressive Railroading)
  • Will GOP’s Uber Support Attract Young Voters? (The Hill)
  • Dallas Eyes BRT Instead of Rail for Cotton Belt (Dallas News)
  • D.C.’s Silver Line Could Create “New Kind of City” With Tysons (Vox)
  • Ohio Looks to Private Sponsorships to Fund Infrastructure (Ideastream)
  • Twin Cities to Host “Railvolution” Next Month (Pioneer Press)
  • Why Does One Blocked Bike Lane Matter? (Philly Daily News)
  • China’s Deja Vu Designs Replicate America’s Mistakes (Curbed)
  • Need for Sidewalks Grows in Nashville (Tennessean)
  • Bolwerk

    Sharing rides is working together. S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M.

    The GOP’s attempts to attract young people and Latinos are always comical. Like, hey, we just mortgaged your future/deported your family. But look here, we like something really minor and unimportant that you can agree with.


10 New Rail, BRT Projects Selected for Funding by DOT

From bus rapid transit in Michigan to light rail in Arizona, ten new local transit projects are in line to receive federal capital funding under the President’s 2012 Budget proposal. Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood today released a list of 10 new projects in nine cities that would receive a total of $569 million in funding […]

Smaller Cities Taking on Big Transit Projects

Grand Rapids, Michigan. Fort Collins, Colorado. Savannah, Georgia. Mid-sized cities like these are stepping up and demanding many of the same transit improvements as their larger cousins. A new report from Reconnecting America [PDF] offers recommendations for these less populated cities to consider, whether they’re pursuing some version of bus rapid transit or a streetcar. The mid-sized […]

Today’s Headlines

November Vote Could Integrate Suburban County Into Atlanta Transit (Next City) Chinese Firm Bids for California High-Speed Rail Project, Wins Boston Contract (Gov Tech, Fox Biz) Redfin Buys Walkscore (Wired, GeekWire) Basic Questions Still Remain About D.C. Streetcar Plans (WaPo) What Can the U.S. Can Learn From France’s Transit Designs? (CityLab) Maryland and Wisconsin Voters Could Put […]

Today’s Headlines

Maryland’s Purple Line Gets $875M Loan from Feds (Progressive Railroading) Legal Battles Continue Over Albuquerque’s BRT (ABQ Journal) Portland Streetcar to Branch Out With New Routes (Oregonian) Why Toronto Transit Beats Chicago’s (Chicago Trib) Car-Free Future Possible for Iconic Street in Toronto (CBC) Dallas’s Downtown Parking Boom (Dallas News) Boston’s Commuter Rail Stations Drive Development (Boston Globe) Cleveland’s […]

Today’s Headlines

Foxx Visits Florida on Grow America Tour Before Joining Biden in SC (, The Hill) It Could Take Another Month for Boston Transit to Get Back to Normal (NYT) Texas High-Speed Rail Firm Reveals Preferred Route (Texas Trib) Sacramento Streetcar Wins Support From Downtown Property Owners (Sac Bee) Grand Rapids’ BRT Success Could Be Model […]