Today’s Headlines

  • CBO: Obama’s Budget Would Leave Highway Trust Fund With Shortfall (The Hill)
  • D.C. Mayor Pushes Back Long-Awaited Zoning Overhaul (GGW)
  • Shuster Outraises Opponents Several Times Over (Politics PA)
  • Adds Amtrak Booking (USA Today)
  • $360M Available for California Biking/Pedestrian Projects (KTVN)
  • No Charges for Driver Who Killed NRDC’s Joy Covey on Bike (Almanac News)
  • Nashville’s “Revised” BRT Isn’t Really BRT (Atlantic Cities)
  • New Leader Takes Helm of Congress of the New Urbanism (Metropolis Mag)
  • High-Speed Rail an Option for Upstate NY (LoHud)
  • Atlanta Mayor Says Streetcar Will Start Running This Year (Railway Age)
  • Seattle Approves Master Plan for Cycling (Curbed)
  • Bolwerk

    The BRT thing is nuts. The teabaggers and neo-cons are deliberately passing shitloads of odious laws that are going to be hurting Americans for decades. Is there a loophole that allows a streetcar in an exclusive lane?

    Faster Upstate NY service seems like it would make a lot of sense, and would be cost-effective even if it costs “billions.” However, it’s probably not going to be HSR. They could start by making the damn thing faster than cars.