“Suspected Drunk Cyclist Leaves Trail of Destruction”

A funny thing happens when you switch the word “car” with the word “bike” in news reports. Robert Prinz, a former Streetsblog San Francisco intern, has been making the switch in stories about destructive car crashes and posting the results at his blog, 10 Miles per Hour Challenge! It makes for some provocative viewing.

Here are a few examples of his handiwork.




Pretty creative idea. Check them all out here.

  • Prinzrob

    Thanks for the feature, Streetsblog, and for making my job easier by posting all of those articles about car crash collateral damage in the headlines each morning!

    If you are interested in seeing what each original article looks like, just click on any post and the source material will pop up. Also, please note that I specifically chose to focus on stories in which nobody was seriously injured, so as to not make a joke out of someone’s tragedy, but also to point out that there is a ton of collateral damage related to car crashes which is significant but will never be represented in statistics which tend to focus on injuries and fatalities.

  • Robert, Great work! Except you might want to include a little asterisk in each photo with some sort of wording like ” *Satirical re-creation. Don’t try this at home!” Otherwise, the commenters at SFgate will no doubt use the photos as proof of their continual assertions that bikes cause more carnage than cars. (I am only half kidding.)

  • • In a fit of synchronicity, Twitter is abuzz tonight with a #ReplaceBikeWithCar hashtag. “You shouldn’t be driving here, there’s a car lane three blocks over” and suchlike.

  • For reliable news reporting, always check an unbiased source like this one: buildsafe.tumblr.com Particularly the article about the corn dog crash.

  • Attorney Bob Mionske has a scathing indictment of traffic justice in Pennsylvania at his site.

  • Larry Littlefield

    Real headline: suspected drunk bicyclist falls off his bicycle and gets a boo boo.

    Reminds me of something told to me by a bartender at Timmy’ Tavern in Kingsbridge, Bronx, 30 or so year ago. When I told him I didn’t want another beer, he asked if I was afraid to drink and walk.