Today’s Headlines

  • It’s Not Just Transportation — Lots of Bipartisan Bills Are Hitting Gridlock in Congress (Hill)
  • Light Rail Is Good For Business — If Businesses Can Survive Its Construction (Strib)
  • Massachusetts Is Still Struggling Under Burden of Big Dig Debt, Transit Fares Increase (Globe)
  • Florida Gov. Reduces State-Level Planning Capacity, Leaves Decisions in Local Hands (Sentinel)
  • Will 64 Miles of On-Street Bike Lanes Raise Indianapolis’ Mode Share Above 0.3%? (IndyStar)
  • Want to Fight Urban Sprawl? Stop Regional Planning (Dallas Observer)
  • Shuttle Entrepreneur Sees Greater Need in Detroit, Expands Private Bus Service (Detroit News)
  • Bicycles Also Fill Gaps in Detroit Transportation; Cycling Up By 258% (HuffPo)
  • Another Way Highways Destroy the Environment and Decimate Local Budgets: Litter (STL Today)
  • Your Zip Code Has As Much Impact on Your Weight Gain As Your Genetic Code (KPBS)
  • re: Dallas and Regionalism
    It depends on where you are.  The right regional plan will restrain sprawl, not promote it.  Let’s not forget that LA’s Sustainable Communities Strategy was the product of regional planning.


Detroit Gets Back to Its Pre-Motor City Roots With Bike Manufacturing

In all the havoc this latest recession has unleashed upon Detroit, a few refrains have been echoed repeatedly: recapture the city’s entrepreneurial spirit, embrace the green economy, and reduce dependency on the auto industry. There’s no better example of Detroit taking those recommendations to heart than Detroit Bikes. Todd Scott at has this report: They […]

D-Day Approaches for Detroit Transit Riders

As the recession squeezes the pocketbooks of the nation’s cities, Detroit has become an unfortunate symbol of urban decline — so much so that Time Warner recently bought a house there for reporters to use while covering the locals’ struggle for financial survival. Detroit buses like this one carried an estimated 38 million riders last […]

Can the Feds Fix Detroit’s Uniquely Terrible Transit System?

There is no better evidence of the sharp social divisions that continue to haunt metro Detroit than the appalling state of its transit system. When it comes to public transportation, residents of the city of Detroit and suburbanites live in a state of government sanctioned apartheid. They ride fully separate systems, with fully separate sets […]