Today’s Headlines

  • Senators to Push Bipartisan Transportation Bill Through Committee Today (Hill, WaPo)
  • Understanding the Senate Map 21 Transportation Proposal (T4A, BikeLeague)
  • Mica Compromises While Romney Vows to Cut Amtrak if Elected (Hill)
  • Sen. Kirk (R-Ill): HSR is Great, But Only for Distances 300 Miles or Less (Hill)
  • Traffic Makes Us Dumber: Scientists Say Car Exhaust Causes Brain Damage (TreeHugger)
  • Editorial: Rail Service Would Transform Vermont Economy (Burlington Free Press)
  • Seattle Voters Reject New Car Tab Fee That Would Have Funded Transit (SeattlePI)
  • Trumbull County, OH Residents Vote Overwhelmingly Against Funding Transit (WKNB)
  • Cincinnati Voters Give Green Light to a Long Debated Downtown Streetcar Project (
  • Singing Ballads for Transit in NC, With Video (TransportGooru)


Raleigh-Durham Voters Give Go-Ahead to Light Rail Plans

Yesterday was a mixed bag for transit at the ballot box. Voters in Cincinnati beat back a second referendum that would have prevented the city from building its planned and ready-to-go streetcar line. In Seattle, meanwhile, an initiative that would have allowed local electeds to raise vehicle license fees to support transit was rejected. Maybe […]

Today’s Headlines

Foxx Warns of Delays to State Transportation Funding (The Hill) … And Downplays U.S. DOT’s Proposal to Allow Interstate Tolling (Land Line) Everybody Tiptoes Around the Gas Tax (Trucking Info) NRDC Switchboard Outlines Top Provisions in Grow America Act Amtrak CEO: A Hudson River Tunnel Might Have to Be Shut Down in Less Than 20 Years […]

Today’s Headlines

Yesterday Marked the 21st Anniversary of the Last Gas Tax Increase (The Hill) How Denver Got Creative to Deliver on Light Rail (National Journal) … And How Denver’s Transit Success Could Offer a Template for Toronto (Toronto Star) Roll Call Interviews Foxx on Transpo Funding Commuting by Car Declining (Slightly) for the First Time in Decades […]

Mixed Bag for Closely-Watched Local Transit Races

Last night delivered some good results — and some disappointment — for transit-related ballot initiatives around the country. The biggest disappointments came from Los Angeles, Memphis, and Houston. A measure to continue the half-cent sales tax for transit in Los Angeles County until 2069 was narrowly defeated, falling less than two percent short of the […]