Today’s Headlines

  • Obama Cites Transit Projects, Not Just Roads and Bridges, As Job-Creators (Chronicle)
  • Obama Says Even God Wants Congress to Pass His Jobs Plan (AP)
  • Mica Insists “Current Spending Levels” Doesn’t Mean You Have to Account For Inflation (JOC)
  • Senate Appropriations Bill Includes Money For New York – New Jersey Amtrak Tunnel (NJ Today)
  • Before You Say California High-Speed Rail Is Too Expensive, Consider the Alternative (BizJournal)
  • Atlantic Cities Publishes a Hit List of Urban Highways (Taken From ULI)
  • If the Cold War Had Been All About Metro Systems, Communism Would Have Won (Atlantic Cities)
  • Interview With An Expert on Tax Increment Financing (Cap Times)
  • At $40K a Pop, Electric Cars Don’t Have the Affordability Appeal of Transit (Treehugger)
  • Even Without Comparing the U.S. to Europe, It’s Clear We Need an Infrastructure Upgrade (WaPo)
  • Design Tips For Leaving the McMansion Era Behind (Hint: the Steam Shower Is Your Friend) (WSJ)
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    “Obama Says Even God Wants Congress to Pass His Jobs Plan (AP)”
    Even the link is wrong or the joke is over my head. Both explanations are possible.

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    You’re right — looks like AP changed that link. Try the new one:


Today’s Headlines

Five Wishes For the Final Transportation Bill, From Transportation for America Why the Coal Ash Amendment to the Transportation Bill Matters: A Personal Tale (Hill) Heavy Reliance on Local Funding Makes For Inequitable Transit Systems (WaPo) The Cost of an Hour of Bike-Share in Ten Cities (Transpo Nation) Detroiters File Civil Rights Suit Over Transit Cuts […]

How Will the Next Transpo Secretary Build on Ray LaHood’s Legacy?

He strung it out long enough, but Ray LaHood has finally announced that he’s resigning as Transportation Secretary. Speculation has been rampant for months about who could replace him, and now it kicks into high gear. Matt Yglesias captured the sentiments of many transportation advocates when he tweeted yesterday, “Ray LaHood was a surprisingly good DOT […]

Today’s Headlines

DC to NY in 94 Minutes? Maglev Lobbyists Say They Can Do It in 60. (WaPo) Do NEC Improvements Have to Be So Expensive? (WaPo) Obama: MAP-21 Means No More Layoffs. (But What About The 1M New Jobs Promised?) (The Hill) CBO and Brookings Take a Look At What An Infrastructure Bank Would Do, If […]

Richard Florida to Obama: Create a Department of Cities

If the U.S. federal bureaucracy includes Cabinet-level agencies dedicated to agriculture and “the interior,” why shouldn’t it have one dedicated to cities, which do so much of the heavy lifting for America’s economic productivity and innovation? This is what urbanist Richard Florida proposed in an op-ed Sunday for the New York Daily News. He wants President Obama […]

Obama to Sign Transpo Bill Today at 4:55

The last thing the president will do during this hot, lazy recess week is to sign the transportation bill. He’ll be surrounded by construction workers, as this bill was always as much about jobs as it was about setting policy, and by college students, since the bill was combined with a provision keeping student loan […]

Scandalous Video: Obama Talks Sense About Road Building

You all excited to watch the presidential debate tonight? Here’s a glimpse back to 2007, when the old Barack Obama was getting us all hyped up on a sugar rush of hope and change. Check out this video, care of the conservative Daily Caller, which is making a lot of hay about some racially-charged remarks Obama […]