Today’s Headlines

  • Gang of Six Debt Plan Would Stabilize Highway Trust Fund, Not Change Gas Tax (Politico, AJC)
  • Study: Young People Want Bike, Pedestrian, and Transit Options (Transpo Nation)
  • Should the Dulles Metro Station Be Under or Above Ground? (Wash Times)
  • Florida SunRail Gets Official Go-Ahead to Build (News-Journal)
  • One-Hundred-Thirty-Two More Reasons to Ditch the Car (Public Opinion)
  • Smart Growth: A New American Export? (NRDC)
  • Minnesota Avoids Brutal Transportation Cuts for Now (MPR)
  • Atlanta-Area Prosecutors Load Blame on Mother Whose Child Was Killed by Driver (T4America)
  • National Park Service Implies Bikes Are Un-American (GGW)
  • As Temperatures Soar, Look Out for Exploding Pavement (WQAD)
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American Traffic Engineering Establishment Finally Approves Bike Boxes

The wheels of change grind slowly at the institutions that guide the American traffic engineering establishment, but they are moving forward. This week, U.S. DOT issued interim approval for bike boxes [PDF], a treatment that positions cyclists ahead of cars at intersections. Dozens of American cities currently use bike boxes — some for the better part of the past decade […]

The American Bike-Share Fleet Has Doubled Since January

This has been an epic year for bike-share in America. According to a report from the Earth Policy Institute, the opening of Bay Area Bike Share yesterday brought the cumulative size of the bike-share fleets in U.S. cities to 18,000 bikes, more than twice what it was at the beginning of 2013. There are now […]

Today’s Headlines

LaHood’s Thoughts on the Future of American Transportation (Fast Lane) More Analysis of the “End of Car Culture” from NYT, Bike League, MarketWatch New Transpo Secretary Foxx Supportive But Vague on Bikes (Bike League) Class Divisions in Navigating the San Fran Transit Strike (Next City) So What’s STROADing? Pics Explain (Strong Towns) Bad Infrastructure –> Bad Biking […]

The Common Mistake That Undermines American Bike-Share Systems

One of the leading architects of New York City’s bike-share system, NYC DOT alum Jon Orcutt, is on a mission to show how the design of bike-share networks affects their success. Orcutt created this animation warning against a fairly common practice in smaller American cities: splitting the bike-share network up into separate clusters of stations. […]