Today’s Headlines

  • Unexceptional America: Fraying Infrastructure Threatens Our Future (Economist)
  • Gas Prices: Washington’s Newest Political Football (NYTimes)
  • We Can Drill All We Want and Gas Prices Will Hardly Budge (The Atlantic)
  • Meet the One Guy in DC Who Despises Capital Bikeshare (TBD)
  • Q & A with William Millar of the American Public Transportation Agency (Globe)
  • Once on the Brink, Amtrak Begins to Thrive (StarGazette)
  • App Shows Atlantans How a Transportation Tax Could Pay Off (Fresh Loaf)
  • FTA to New Jersey: Pay Up for Canceled ARC Tunnel Work (Transpo Nation)
  • Twitter Chooses Central City HQ While Facebook Opts for Suburbia (Grist)


Bi-Partisan Political Veterans Team Up to Design a New Gas Tax System

Transportation reformers around the country have long been disappointed at politicians’ unwillingness to raise the gas tax to pay for infrastructure. It seems, to many, an obvious and necessary solution for the chronic underfunding of our transportation system. Meanwhile, to the politicians, it is just as obvious that raising consumer taxes during a recession is […]

Steven Chu Forced to Recant Belief in Higher Gas Prices

The indignities are piling up for Steven Chu, the Nobel laureate Secretary of Energy whom environmentalists applauded as one of Obama’s best cabinet picks. His security detail won’t let the lifelong cyclist bike to work. And on Earth Day, he fielded questions like this one (via Talking Points Memo) during a House hearing on the […]