Today’s Headlines

  • Secretary LaHood Happy to Play Hardball With States Over Rail Funding (CNN)
  • Oil Prices Are on the Rise Again — Are We Any Less Oil-Dependent Than We Were in 2008? (NPR)
  • Florida Senator Pushes Back Against Anti-Rail Rhetoric (Politifact)
  • After ARC Tunnel Debacle, Feds Want New Jersey to Return $270 Million (Reuters)
  • Meanwhile, Cost-Cutting Gov. Christie Spends Luxuriously on His Hotels (Politico)
  • BP Gets a Verbal Thrashing During Oil Spill Hearing (WaPo)
  • Rep. Nick Rahall Seeks Top Democratic Post on Transpo Committee (The Hill)
  • Bus Rapid Transit: An Affordable Alternative to Rail? (Marketplace)
  • Uncertainty: Hardly a Dirty Word for Climate Scientists (NYT)
  • “Strict Liability” Could Stall Distracted Driving (BikePortland)


Is America Finally Getting Interested in Passenger Rail?

  Despite fierce and prevalent Amtrak hating, and although I have yet to hear any presidential candidate discuss it, nationally syndicated columnist Neal Peirce suggests that "the stars are finally coming into alignment" for improvements of America’s passenger rail system. He writes: America’s train advocates are mildly optimistic. And for some good reasons. Amtrak is […]

Obama Dismisses Gas Tax “Gimmick”

With primaries in North Carolina and Indiana less than a week out, Barack Obama seems to have taken Streetsbloggers’ advice with this ad explaining why a suspension of the federal gas tax, as called for by Hillary Clinton and John McCain (among others), is a sham. It’s a masterful spot: the swelling orchestral score, the […]

Today’s Headlines

Will Obama Fight Sprawl With His Housing Policy? (Grist) EPA to Limit Carbon Emissions from Trucks… (Reuters)  …Just As U.S Chamber Sues Over Greenhouse Gas "Endangerment" Finding (NYT) Landmark Study Offers Clues About NYC Pedestrian Deaths (NYT, Streetsblog NYC) Meanwhile, Bloomberg Says Hundreds of New Traffic Signals Will Improve Safety (AP) Buckle Up: Feds Pitch […]

LaHood: High Speed Rail Will Be Our Generation’s Legacy

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood published an op-ed in the Sunday edition of the Orlando Sentinel, arguing for a vigorous campaign of high speed rail building. He said, “If we work together, a national high-speed-rail network can and will be our generation’s legacy.” Why run the op-ed in the Sentinel and not a national paper like […]

Toward a Positive Argument for High-Speed Rail

In recent weeks, I’ve been busily making what you might call a negative argument for high-speed rail — pointing out the many ways in which arguments against HSR are deficient. That’s all well and good, but positive cases for HSR need to be made, as well. Now, others have already begun to do this. California […]

Today’s Headlines

Jim Oberstar Blames Crumbling Infrastructure (and Down Economy) on Political Partisanship (MinnPost) LaHood Defends Rail Security, Says Amtrak Already Has a List to Check “Peculiar” Names (HuffPo) GOP Is Getting Political Mileage Out of the Mileage Tax That Never Happened (The Hill) High Gas Prices = Less Sprawl + Safer Roads (Infrastructurist) High-Speed Rail Needs […]