Today’s Headlines

us__en_us__energy__electric_cars_chart2__710x300.gif(Graphic: Fast Company)
  • The U.S. electric grid is going to need a makeover if electric cars ever take off (above graphic and full story at Fast Company)
  • LaHood to visit MIT today to talk high-tech distracted driving solutions (AP)
  • Americans who learn to love Amtrak, warts and all (WashPost)
  • A look at the private-sector companies vying for a piece of Florida’s high-speed rail action (Tampa Trib)
  • Virginia to sell $500m in new transport bonds — but does it portend a long-term plan from Gov. McDonnell (R)? (Examiner)
  • A Connecticut transit advocate makes the case for focusing on rail, not buses, in the Hartford-New Britain area (Courant)
  • PA state lawmakers suggests doubling transit fares to help pay for roads … (Trib-Review)
  • … as a grim new report pegs the state’s unmet transport needs at $3B (Inquirer)
  • Seattle area developer sues to stop the city’s planned light rail expansion (S. Times)
  • Brandi

    Doubling transit fares to pay for roads? That’s a new one. Well definitely puts an end to the debate that roads pay for themselves. No surprise that the guy suggesting this represents a rural area. I hope nothing of the sort ever goes through. Seriously though Pennsylvania is in a huge hole. I think the only way out of it is to increase the gas tax and install some tolls (to whatever degree federal law will permit). I thought it was interesting that it sad about EZPass being able to be used for a VMT tax. I’m not sure how it would work though considering one could just remove it from their car.