Today’s Headlines

  • Despite LaHood's much-touted non-binding policy paper, complete streets policies may take time to catch on in CA (Streetsblog SF)
  • Nissan to offer its all-electric Leaf model for about $25k (WaPo)
  • Would the gas tax being talked about for the Senate's new climate change bill actually work? (MoJo Blog)
  • New Jersey transit riders plan to protest looming fare hikes by driving en masse on April 1 (
  • Colorado eyeing two high-speed rail links of its own (D. Post, AP)
  • LaHood seeks scientific help researching the "sudden acceleration" plaguing Toyota vehicles ... (Bloomberg)
  • ... after returning home to Illinois to address the slim options on the table for closing the federal transportation funding gap (Daily Herald)
  • David Brooks inadvertently makes the case for congestion pricing (Yglesias)