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Friday’s Headlines Look to the Future

Hopefully, the Biden administration's new research and development unit for infrastructure will come up with better ideas than flying cars.

12:01 AM EDT on June 16, 2023

The future? Oy.

  • A new Biden administration program will fund the design of transportation infrastructure that we "can't even imagine today," Sec. Buttigieg says. (The Verge)
  • Congress should ban right turns on red nationwide because drivers kill a lot of cyclists and pedestrians that way. (Fast Company)
  • Wired's "Have a Nice Future" podcast featured parking expert Henry Grabar, author of "Paved Paradise." He was also a guest on Boise Public Radio, discussing a revamp of the city's zoning code.
  • The Regional Connector has the potential to be a turning point for Los Angeles transit. (Zocalo Public Square)
  • L.A. is looking to Charlotte, of all places, for light rail inspiration, especially its stylish and comfortable stations. (Common Edge)
  • The collapse of part of I-95 in Philadelphia is reviving talk of a Roosevelt Avenue subway. (Inquirer)
  • Republican legislators in Wisconsin want to move transit funding into the state's general fund budget, where it would be forced to compete with other priorities like education. (Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel)
  • Maryland is getting closer to reviving the Red Line, a rail project canceled by former Gov. Larry Hogan. (Maryland Matters)
  • Amtrak's Chicago-to-St. Louis train has finally achieved 110 miles per hour, making it officially "higher speed" rail, if not exactly high speed rail. (Railway Age)
  • The Omaha streetcar could start running as soon as the winter of 2026. (KETV)
  • Residents along the planned Blue Line extension in Minneapolis are worried about being displaced. (MinnPost)
  • The Minnesota Twins' Target Field now has a secure corral for bike storage. (Axios)

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