Monday’s Headlines Are Seeking Shelter

  • Transit systems have become the last safety net for increasing numbers of homeless people, and — being transit agencies rather than housing or social service agencies — most of them aren’t sure what to do about it. (Vice)
  • Northeastern and Western states tend to have better access to transit than those in the South and Midwest. And better transit access corresponds to less driving. (Transportation for America)
  • The Federal Transit Administration awarded a total of $700 million in grants to buy new train cars for Chicago, Sacramento, South Florida, Cleveland, St. Louis and Utah.
  • In the latest example of drivers using their vehicles as weapons. a Texas man killed at least eight people when he plowed his SUV through a crowd of migrants waiting for a bus. (CNN)
  • A bike lane is coming to the street in San Francisco’s Presidio where a driver killed champion cyclist Ethan Boyes. (KTVU)
  • The D.C. Metro wants the city to hold off for a year on making buses fare-free. (DCist)
  • Metro is also increasing frequencies on the Red Line as ridership grows. (Washington Post)
  • Suburban mayors in the Twin Cities area are calling for a small sales tax to support transit. (MinnPost)
  • Tampa residents want to know why a city that big doesn’t have a light rail system. (ABC Action News)
  • Seattle banned right turns on red. (The Urbanist)
  • Complete streets advocates criticized Salt Lake City for rejecting a three-lane configuration on 2100 South. (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Orlando installed its first “floating” bus stop that allows passengers to enter and exit without the bus blocking the bike lane. (WESH)
  • Denver is installing protected bike lanes and bus-only lanes on Blake and Market streets downtown. (CBS News)
  • St. Louis’ transit agency is installing metal detectors at light rail stations. (Progressive Railroading)
  • Durham is spending $1 million to fill in sidewalk gaps. (CBS 17)
  • Houston’s bike lanes are so dirty, they broke the new sweeper the city bought to clean them. (Axios)