Tuesday’s Headlines Are Riding on Three Wheels

Credit: Team EVELO via Pexels
Credit: Team EVELO via Pexels
  • Suburban boomers are turning to e-trikes to stay mobile, only to find that it’s scary riding a battery-boosted three-wheeler alongside car traffic. That could turn them into allies in the fight for better bike infrastructure. (City Lab)
  • For cities to meet climate goals, they need better transit, walking and biking infrastructure, to reduce driving and flying, and transition to zero-emissions vehicles. (The City Fix)
  • The failure of an Ohio car-sharing startup is further proof that the tech sector is incapable of fixing transportation. Only public investment in transit can do that. (Columbus Underground)
  • A California court ruled in favor of Uber and Prop 22 — and against labor rights for gig workers — but the decision is expected to be appealed. (New York Times)
  • Philadelphians’ insistence on fighting any reduction in parking keeps housing expensive and contributes to the climate crisis. (Inquirer)
  • With crime rising, overdoses common and ridership still down, it’s up to Mayor Karen Bass to fix the L.A. Metro. Luckily, she has allies. (Los Angeles Times)
  • A Utah bill stripping transit employees of their right to unionize would not only affect those employees, but jeopardize federal funding for transit. (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Doubts are growing about whether North Carolina Republicans will let metro Charlotte officials put a transportation tax on the ballot. (Observer)
  • Texas legislation would restrict Austin’s Project Connect’s ability to issue bonds for transit construction. (KXAN)
  • Here’s what bus rapid transit stations on Georgia 400 in north metro Atlanta will look like. (Urbanize Atlanta)
  • Like Abraham Lincoln said, don’t believe everything you read on the internet: Seattle is actually cutting down trees to make more room for cars, not bikes. (Seattle Bike Blog)
  • A Bay Area couple is restoring a rare 1970s Muni streetcar, and soon you might be able to “glamp” in it. (San Francisco Chronicle)


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