Monday’s Headlines Follow the Money

Boston's MBTA is among the transit agencies that receives the most state funding.
Boston's MBTA is among the transit agencies that receives the most state funding.
  • Transportation for America takes a look at state-by-state support for transit. Massachusetts, Hawaii and New York spend the most per capita, but most states spend less than $12 per person. No coincidentally, most of those states also ban spending gas tax revenue on transit. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • In the face of Republican opposition, the Biden administration is backing off plans to discourage red-state governments from spending federal infrastructure funds on new or wider roads. (Politico)
  • The head of Chicago’s Regional Transportation Authority says the transit organization faces a $730 million shortfall in 2025 as federal COVID funding run outs (Sun-Times). California transit agencies are facing a similar problem and asking for a state bailout (Wall Street Journal).
  • Even with a comparatively high level of funding, Massachusetts doesn’t do enough to support regional and rural transit. (Commonwealth)
  • Baltimore NIMBYs are starving transit by fighting dense development near suburban stations. (City Lab)
  • Philadelphia’s transit agency committed $130 million to the King of Prussia light rail line. (Inquirer)
  • Atlanta has been struggling to implement planned transit and road safety projects. (Civic Circle)
  • Houston is seeking a $34 million federal grant to upgrade the highly traveled Westheimer bus route. (Community Impact)
  • Seattle must do more to slow down drivers it hopes to achieve Vision Zero by 2030, according to a new report. (Seattle Times)
  • An Indiana Senate bill would create a statewide Vision Zero task force. (Fox 59)
  • No one was hurt but two cars were damaged when a suburban Milwaukee parking garage collapsed. (Wisconsin Public Radio)
  • Berkeley is tearing itself apart over a proposed bike lane on Hopkins Street. (Berkeleyside)
  • A U.S. Postal Service driver who killed a New York City man was convicted of just a misdemeanor, then blamed the cyclist for his own death during the civil trial. (Bicycling)
  • Uber is fighting Delhi’s plan to require that bike taxis be electric. (Reuters)
  • Beyond the usual suspects like Amsterdam and Copenhagen, here are 12 great cities to explore by bike. (Momentum)


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GAO: States “Flexing” Fewer Federal Dollars to Transit

Supporters of livable streets may hear about the “flexibility” of transportation dollars and cringe – after all, that word often refers to the ability of states to use bike/ped money for road building. But flexibility can work both ways. Between 2007 and 2011, states devoted $5 billion in surface transportation funds — known in some […]

More Money Won’t Fix U.S. Infrastructure If We Don’t Change How It’s Spent

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