Friday’s Headlines Wonder if Fare-Free Is Fair

Image: Creative Commons
Image: Creative Commons
  • Making buses fare-free while continuing to charge for trains could prove counterproductive for transit agencies if it merely lures cost-conscious riders away from trains and onboard buses instead, writes transit consultant Jarrett Walker. (City Lab)
  • In some good news on the bike safety front for a change, a new study found that cycling-related injuries are declining even as biking became more popular during the pandemic. (Bicycling)
  • At least 119 people died riding e-bikes and scooters between 2017 and 2021, according to a federal study, which sounds bad but pales in comparison to the tens of thousands killed in cars each year. (Click 2 Houston)
  • Seattle’s Sound Transit received $538 million in the 2023 federal omnibus appropriations bill for the Lynnwood and Federal way light rail extensions. (KIRO)
  • Seattle officials hope a revived streetcar project could help downtown recover from the pandemic. (The Urbanist)
  • Developers are grabbing up land along the route of Kansas City’s streetcar extension. (Kansas City Mag)
  • Boston parents are tired of their kids taking their lives into their own hands crossing an intersection where construction is backing up traffic and blocking crosswalks. (NBC Boston)
  • Pennsylvania’s gas tax will rise slightly Jan. 1 to pay for road and bridge maintenance. (Philly Voice)
  • Cycling Tips reviews the biking sitch in four U.S. cities: pretty good in New York, Chicago and San Francisco; not so much in Los Angeles.
  • He’s a not-so-silent guardian, a watchful protector: Streetsblog’s own Gersh Kuntzman is the star of a New York Times article on the uncaped crusaders who spend their evenings fixing the obscured license plates of drivers trying to avoid tolls and traffic cameras.


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