Monday’s Headlines Averted a Crisis

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  • Amtrak has restored all service after a railroad strike failed to materialize (CNN), but the White House-brokered deal between labor unions and freight haulers could still fall apart (The Hill).
  • A hacker who was apparently motivated by Uber’s poor treatment of drivers gained access to the ride-hailing company’s data. (Washington Post)
  • The Biden administration has approved 35 states’ plans to install more electric vehicle chargers. (Public Power)
  • Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg announced a $105 million grant to tear down a Detroit freeway that segregates the city. (The Root)
  • A $15 million Federal Transit Administration grant will allow Florida’s SunLine transit agency to buy new fuel-cell and battery-powered buses. (Intelligent Transport)
  • Pittsburgh is eyeing a zero-emissions bus fleet by 2045, but it will cost $572 million. (Post-Gazette)
  • The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority is facing a $421 million budget deficit in 2024. (Boston Herald)
  • California Gov. Gavin Newsom vetoed a bill providing fare-free transit for students (LAist). He has yet to decide on a bill about parking requirements that could open up land now devoted to cars for more housing (Slate).
  • A Northern Virginia transportation authority is proposing a potentially transformative transit network, but also thousands of miles of new highway lanes. (Greater Greater Washington)
  • A Colorado bill would make it easier for law enforcement agencies to install cameras to catch speeders. (CPR)
  • New Orleans is removing protected bike lanes in response to drivers’ complaints about traffic and loss of parking. (WWNO)
  • Take a look at options for bike and pedestrian paths on the new I-5 bridge between Washington and Oregon. (Bike Portland)
  • Here’s the recommended route for Omaha’s new streetcar. (KETV)
  • Savannah is considering a Vision Zero plan. (Fox 28)
  • As shown in Helsinki, solutions for reducing air pollution in colder climates could be as simple as telling drivers not to use snow tires. (Smart Cities World)
  • Paris, Bogota, Milan and San Francisco are among the health-conscious cities that put pedestrians first during the pandemic. (BBC)


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