Thursday’s Headlines Are Going on Strike

Image: Rennett Stowe, CC
Image: Rennett Stowe, CC
  • Amtrak has canceled all long-distance routes due to a looming strike of freight line workers, whose tracks Amtrak uses. The strike could also threaten rail service on the West Coast, in Chicago, Maryland, Virginia and elsewhere. (Washington Post)
  • American e-bikes are turning into, essentially, battery-powered motorcycles. (Treehugger)
  • Contrary to conventional wisdom, residents of low-income neighborhoods were just as likely to use bike-share during the pandemic as those in higher-income areas. (Penn Today)
  • Several cities are buying electric street sweepers that the manufacturer says keep 90 tons of carbon emissions out of the atmosphere each. (Electrek)
  • A new San Francisco ride-hailing startup that competes with Uber and Lyft is more expensive, but its drivers get a minimum wage and benefits. (Axios)
  • Three-quarters of Los Angeles bus stops lack shade or shelter, forcing riders to wait in the sun in 100-degree heat this week. (L.A. Times)
  • The Texas DOT is stymying San Antonio’s efforts to make streets safer by reasserting ownership of roads to block bike and pedestrian improvements. (Governing)
  • Work on Boston’s closed Orange Line is 82 percent complete. (Metro Magazine)
  • Maryland residents are upset that the long-delayed Purple Line hasn’t opened yet (NBC Washington) and some officials are pushing to open a parallel trail earlier (WTOP).
  • The Metro Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority unveiled plans for a streetcar extension to the Atlanta Beltway. (Journal-Constitution)
  • Las Vegas is exploring transit expansion options as it prepares for 1 million new residents by 2050. (Fox 5 Vegas)
  • El Paso (Times) and Tucson (KVOA) are moving forward with Vision Zero plans.
  • Pittsburgh now includes bike-share POGOH on its transit app. (Post-Gazette)
  • Tampa’s streetcar broke its ridership record with 1 million riders in 2022 and a month still to go in the fiscal year. (That’s So Tampa)
  • Baltimore had the nation’s first electric streetcars in 1885. (Sun)
  • Cincinnati Bengals fans were shocked by $70 parking on Sunday (WCPO). You know what wouldn’t cost $70? Bus or train fare.


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