Monday’s Headlines Are Rooting for Higher Gas Prices

Photo: Bev Skyes, CC
Photo: Bev Skyes, CC
  • Here’s one thing some advocates think President Biden could do to curb climate change: Keep gas prices above $5 a gallon. (Bloomberg)
  • High gas prices are fueling the popularity of anti-car online communities. (CNET)
  • Encouraging biking would be a great way for the Biden administration to save Americans money at the pump. (People for Bikes)
  • A shortage of bus drivers is hampering transit agencies’ ability to bounce back from the pandemic. (Route Fifty)
  • Uber admitted to covering up a 2016 data hack but won’t be prosecuted (Reuters). It’s also doubling down on the grocery delivery business (CNBC).
  • States like California are reconsidering jaywalking penalties in light of evidence that police disproportionately enforce the laws against low-income individuals and people of color. (Pew Trusts)
  • President Biden has nominated a former Colorado and Delaware transportation official to head the Federal Highway Administration. (White House)
  • In the latest Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority safety disaster, a Boston train caught fire during the morning commute. (Washington Post)
  • Austin has seen a 31 percent reduction in serious injuries and deaths from car crashes since it started improving intersections as part of its Vision Zero program in 2016. (Community Impact)
  • Indianapolis has created a new Fatal Crash Review Team to evaluate dangerous streets and intersections. (WISH)
  • Oregon’s new law easing parking mandates will lead to vacant buildings being renovated and more shared parking lots among businesses. (Sightline)
  • With drivers and cyclists constantly bickering about who’s breaking the law, the Miami New Times breaks down the rules of the road.
  • NPR‘s Bill Chappell rhapsodizes about the pleasures of riding a bike.



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Photo: Angie Schmitt

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