Thursday’s Headlines Ask, Is the Gig Up?

Your future job, like it or not.
Your future job, like it or not.
  • President Biden has proposed suspending the 18-cents-a-gallon federal gas tax for three months. It’s unlikely to pass, though, because most Democrats are opposed (Politico). The measure might be popular with voters but could actually make inflation worse (Newsweek).
  • Amid much potential gig-worker legislation, Uber and Lyft drivers filed a lawsuit accusing the companies of antitrust violations because drivers aren’t treated as being independent, but also aren’t given the benefits of being employees. (New York Times)
  • The ride-hailing companies are also restoring shared rides — suspended since the start of the pandemic — in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, San Francisco, Phoenix. San Diego, Portland, Indianapolis and Pittsburgh. (CNBC)
  • State legislators want to hold hearings on safety issues on Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority subways and authorize spending $400 million to fix them. (CommonWealth)
  • A Seattle Vision Zero report found that drivers have killed 175 since the city started a Vision Zero program in 2015. The problem is most severe on South End neighborhoods and on arterial roads, and disproportionately affects Black residents. (MyNorthwest)
  • Despite a federal hold on a proposed I-45 expansion through downtown Houston while potential civil rights violations are investigated, the Texas DOT wants to move forward with demolishing apartments in the project’s path (Chronicle). But thanks to local activists, the demolition is now on hold (KHOU).
  • A Chicago alderman wants to step up towing and add signage to prevent drivers from blocking bike lanes after a truck driver killed a toddler being towed by her mother who was maneuvering around a parked vehicle. (Sun-Times)
  • A proposed Oklahoma light rail line is in the running for a $100 million federal grant. (The Oklahoman)
  • Four years after Richmond started running the Pulse bus rapid transit line, it’s painting the bus lane red to tell drivers to stay out. (WTVR)
  • E-scooters are a great way for young kids to join in on family bike adventures. (Bike Portland)
  • More fake news on Biden’s bike spill. (Associated Press)