Wednesday’s Headlines Are Feeling Speedy

Photo: MBTA
Photo: MBTA
  • The Biden administration has released $500 million of $5 billion earmarked to buy electric school buses. The program will save an estimated 2,000 lives and prevent 18,000 cases of asthma. (Fatherly)
  • Cities cut red tape for pedestrian-oriented projects during the pandemic, but now they’re back to designing spaces for cars over people. (Fast Company)
  • Electric cars shouldn’t be included under the “multimodal” umbrella with environmentally friendlier options like walking, biking and transit. (
  • Bird and Lime are using Google’s augmented reality tech to avoid scooter clutter. (Smart Cities Dive)
  • Also from Smart Cities Dive: Cities should be hiring infrastructure coordinators to tap into federal grants.
  • A new book shows how transportation engineers can use behavioral science to make trains “feel” faster. (Human Transit)
  • Florida’s Brightline is by far the deadliest passenger rail line in the country. It has too many crossings, South Florida drivers aren’t used to seeing trains, and the private company that owns it has ignored safety regulations. (Jalopnik)
  • An Oregon agency is moving forward with new rules meant to spur denser development with less parking and more robust bike networks. (Oregon Public Broadcasting)
  • Salt Lake City plans to build new roads to promote westward sprawl. (Salt Lake Tribune)
  • Italy is subsidizing 30 percent of the cost of purchasing a cargo bike. (Eltis)
  • Most of Vancouver is already a 15-minute city. (Planetizen)