Thursday’s Headlines Have a Deal

  • A bipartisan group of senators have a deal on an infrastructure bill. The final numbers, according to NPR, are: $110 billion for roads and bridges, $11 billion for street safety, $39 billion for transit, $66 billion for rail and $7.5 billion for electric vehicle chargers.
  • Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer has an opportunity to transform transit and, by doing so, strengthen the nation’s resiliency. (The Hill)
  • If cities don’t spend their federal COVID windfall wisely, they shouldn’t expect such help again. Republicans are watching. (Governing)
  • Hopes of permanently reclaiming streets for people and bikes after the pandemic are fading as traffic, car sales and car rentals are all on the rise. (New Republic)
  • Traffic is up 55 percent over last year, and parking startups are cashing in. (Bloomberg)
  • Denver’s Regional Transportation District is slated to upgrade the Colfax bus lines to bus rapid transit later this decade. (Denverite)
  • San Diego advocates want the city to speed up safety projects after a recent rash of cyclist deaths. (KPBS)
  • The Seattle city council voted to raise parking rates to $12 an hour during large events. (KING)
  • Chapel Hill is exploring adding e-bikes to its bike-share service, as well as coordinating with the University of North Carolina. (INDY Week)
  • Philadelphia transformed a trolley hub into an urban garden. (WHYY)